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The main events of the week March 16 - 22

міжнародна комсіяOn March,14 professionals of Network Associations of Local Authorities of South-Easten Europe (NALAS) and the Regional Network of assistance to business authority (Regional Network for Business Friendly Certification) came to Hadiach with official visit. During the day foreign guests, who, by the way, among some districts of Poltava have chosen ours, visited the city Council and district administration.


бензовозиMarch 15, during working off of the Poltava region, was established the fact of illegal actions with seized property officials, OOO "Neftetreyd-2015": these persons from the depot at the address. Hadiach, Engels street, willfully, violating the requirements the court of Appeal. Kiev on the imposition of arrest on property, exported hydrocarbon raw materials (oil) in trucks "DAF". The vehicle together with the tanks, was detained.


Поліна ВєтроваA new major plan for the city is almost ready. Its practical manufacturer engaged GP “Diprograd”, and Polina Vetrova (architect, head of Department of urban planning, architecture, housing and communal services and construction Hadiach) is working on finishing it. As she told us during the meeting, according to the rules of the city of regional importance should not be neglected wooded areas—all must be ordered. So soon all the local cluttered ravines must be put in order.



толокаThe process of creating a "Singing field" next to the bridge on the outskirts of the city in the direction to Zinkov. The initiative group, consisting of TH "Our cleanup" and CM "Sion" together with an active local community is going to elevate 16 hectares. This summer the ethno-rock festival "the Cossack’s capital” is planned to held.


соборLast week, unknown persons defaced the gates of the Holy Dormition Cathedral. About this event on his page in the social network, said the Dean of Hadiach district, Archpriest Igor Tsebenko.







Учні і вчителі гімназії ім.Олени Пчілки та О.НедовісTo the day of poetry in Hadiach gymnasium named after O.Pchilka a literary meeting with the poet, a member of the Poltava Union of writers, Chairman of the cultural Union of Hadiach region, the literary editor of the local history almanal "the Creative crucible"  Alexander Nedovis was held. He presented his work "It rains...", "Invite me into the night" and others.



молокоThe representative of the "Ukrainian Agrarian Cooperative" visited the city and announced the terms of cooperation with local milk producers. "WAC" is ready to buy milk from the population for the price of 6 UAH per liter. In addition, the co-op promises to provide veterinary and insemination of cattle. However, farmers are afraid to decide on the creation of a dairy cooperation. It is known that about 40% of the milk "VAK" will not accept, because its quality does not suit the standards.



синагогаOn March 21, the office received a report of a fire at the local synagogue (Red Hill stveet). According to the firefighters, which we found at this splase, in the premises of the work was carried out using the welding machine. Foam insulation and plastic Windows, had started burning which caused considerable smoke. The reason is established by experts now.

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