м. Гадяч, вул. Гетьманська, 62-б

The main events of the week March 7 - 16

DSC 54441. March 7, in the parked in front of the building of the local Prosecutor's office was formed the abyss . Fortunately, neither people nor parked cars were injured, and a hole in the pavement, for safety,was pointed with a glacey. According to historian Mykhola Torianyk,s words, this is most likely the ancient underground tunnels that from time to time remind of their existence. It turns out that 30 years ago at the same place was installed the transformer box, which was similar to the current abyss and went under the ground. In those years, Mythola Fedorovych, had investigated. The underground tunnel had been made with clay, height from 1.90 to three m. in some places was filled up. In the place where earth from time to time sags, the strokes intersect. One of them leads to the center of the city, the other leads to the direction of the city Council ,the third one is parallel to stone street. Work on the restoration and preservation of the underground tunnels in Hadyach was been going for a very long time. And if to undertake their restoration, they could become a tourist feature of the city.

сходка2. In the evening of March 10 near the railway station, the residents of the neighborhood have gathered to write an appeal to the city Council with regarding repair of roads. People require to compensate for the loss of health caused by living near factories, at least high-quality repair of the road surface. Under the appeal, which on Monday was brought to the city Council had been signed by 128 people. If they again ignore Hadiachany promised to go to forced to step in and too block the road.



автобуси3. The story of carriers Hadiach continues. Immediately after the previous issue of the weekly did not expect the reaction to one of the publications under title :” In Hadyach some one burns buses  and intimidates the carriers  – crime went down". To the editor personally came the main characters of the video described in the article – Taras Soldatov and Ivan Salo. Both argued that the information presented in the publication did not correspond to events that had actually happened. But they said their vision of the conflict and asked to

express their opinion at the pages of the weekly. Since 2001 between the local carriers there was been a conflict, as they explain it themselves, "I have stolen a passenger from him, and he was done the same with my passenger!" Since then, from time to time quarrels occur between business competitors about which one might not have learned if the video was not released and a wave of indignation.

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