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The main events of the week March 1-9

Безымянный1. The editors got a video (you can see it an official pages of the journal social networks). The story is dated January,24  and started in the leave of the city Ahead of the van of "Kyiv-Okhtyrka" clearly shown the car "Renault Traffic", which according to the words passengers,  certain time interfered with the normal traffic of the van. On the bridge over the river Psel Renault stopped and blocked the path of the minibus.

The question passengers, why they were not passed, the two men by their appearance in a condition of alcoholic intoxication, said they had stopped them because the owner of the vehicle illegally carried out transportation of citizens.

Further events in the video changed the scene at thatmoment we could see the recording of the CCTV camera, made on the same day, a few hours later. The two men are throwing a bottle with a combuctible mixture into scrofulous local pdice.

More than a month  passed since then the case of the terror Okhtyrka bus snowscoot  law enforcement and the case of arson chroatorum “became” in place. Therefore, the editor of the weekly initiated  press conference with the head of Hadiach police Department, hoping to hearing from him any adequate explanation about it.

Vitalii Braslavets, explaining that question remembered the 2015 year when the driver of the bus Okhtyrka was killed and tying these events. Facty at the bus stopping he told us that all the respondents involved. Are determined the issue of them to administrative responsibility for obstructing the movement of vehicles. Regarding the arson of the van he said that would not want to disclose investigations.

Фронтера2. In February 2015 ousted in Hadiach bronze monument to the leader was sold, and two cars of  brand  "Opel Frontera" were bought for that money they immediately were handed over to the ATO. As it turned out today, one of the cars disappeared. Accordingly, the Chairman of the Union of OMS "Hadachina" has addressed in police with the request to find it.

Knowing that the last time this car was seen at  Alexander Sivash (the head of the  "People's Parliament”), we decided to talk with him first. He said that a year ago the car had been in Hadyach on he repair. Fixing it, at his own expense agreed the  military from our area (he did not specify). Nobody knows who had he been where it was gone after that.

For comment about the investigation a car we turned to the chief of Hadiach police Department. In addition, information about the location of the car is missing, he said nothing. Only the traditional speech that the case is been investigated, and he has no right disclose it.

про фортуну4. Michael Carunnii, the director of  the "Fortune Live" the casino, which has recently been opened in Hadyach, learning that the residents of our city with fear and quite hostile to the opening of such institutions, decided not to wait for "the people's" checks and tell you about his own business.

In the editorial he said that the brand "Fortuna Live" is a product of the Ukrainian state lotteries. The company operates on the basis of the law "About state lotteries" on the basis of the bookmaker are visitors making bets on sporting events.

Michael argues that on the basis of their computer hardware cannot install games for slot machines is already working lottery system that is defined in the agreement and it is automatically started when you turn on your PC.

Nice that the director of the institution had not started its activities with the confusion (most of the "lottery" of the institutions of the city). But not quite understanding the position of law enforcement. The chief  of police reported that it had asked for all available documentation on the legality of the functioning of the institution. And when Michael Carunnii personally came to office, He was ignored. The city Council denied approval of the mode of operation of the institution. However, despite the all obstacles, he is sure that his institution conflicts with clients will not,be because, in it words, and the specifics of the work, and the clientele is combleanother.

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