м. Гадяч, вул. Гетьманська, 62-б

The main events of the week february 24-28

Музей конкурс1.February, 25 marked 146 years of the birth of the great Ukrainian poetess, of our compatriot Lesia Ukrainka. In the history of literature she came primarily as a poetess of courage and struggle for the freedom of Ukraine. She became the ornament and pride of the Ukrainian nation, one of the founders of modern Ukrainian literature and occupied an important place in the world literature. This remarkable date was celebrated February, 23. A literary hour for students of College of Culture and Arts named after I.P. Kotlarevskiy was held in Hadiach Historical Museum. The topic of this event was “Unfair-Tender love”. On February, 25 a creative meeting of the members of Poltava regional organization of the Union of Ukrainian women “Volynianochka” was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the women’s movement in Ukraine. A poetry reciting contest of poetry and prose by Lesia Ukrainka was held in continuation of the events dedicated to the anniversary of the poetess too.

Ялинка2. A pealiar protest took place in Hadiach last week. Near “Poltava bank” in a pothole that was formed on the road, hadiachany stuck a fur-tree. That day several cars “injured” because of this griefhole. A whole mini-park of cars with broken wheels was created nearly. According to one of the drivers, “perhaps even the mayor driving his luxury car will see these ditches. But if there is no reaction then this fur-tree will be decorated with toys”. Photo of the place of incident was in the social network only a few minutes. The mayor arrived with the utilities. The fur-tree was removed and the hole was bricked.

3. Last week was a tragic one. Three traffic accident were occurred for it Unfortunately, one of those took the life of a young woman.

римарівкаFebruary, 22 about 6 p.m. a terrible accident happened in Rymarivka. According to the official information, the car ZIL at the wheel of which was a 37 years old resident of district, collsded with a bus BAZ, at the wheel of which was a 32 years old resident of Hadiach was moving along the route Birky-Hadiach. Three passengers of bus, residents of Hadiach district, with injuries of varying severity were hospitalized in a medical institution. We were able to chat to one of the passen gers of the bus, 17 years old. Daria Kasianenko: “We went by bus “Hadiach-Birky” Driving on the hill in Rymarivka, that who go down the hill always lrt go the one who go up the hill (the road is very nerrow there). But this time we was not allow to go. ZIL that went top-down touched the side mirror of our bus, so much, that stands were demolished. The driver of the truck was closed by the broken glass and lost control of the car. As a result, almost the entire left side of the bus was torn off! Three passengers were in hard condition: the woman was sewn up the face (later I got to know that she was sent to Poltava, because she hadn’t seen by the eye), the other one had a concussion, and another, pregnant, was brought to the hospital. Two passengers were examind by the ambulance and they were allowed to go home. I went to the hospital myself then, because I am pregnant and I was scared for the bady.”

ВельбівкаFebruary, 24 about 7 a.m. in the highway Hadiach Opishnia near Velbivka there was the collision of car “Ford” under control of a 65 years old citizen of Poltava and the oncoming car “Peugeot” under control of a 69 years old resident of Hadiach. (Ford was moving in the direction to Poltava).

As a result, five people were injured, they all were hospitalized in a medical institution.


до хитцівThe last accident was occurred February, 26, about 18 p.m. in the Hadiach-Krasna Luka. Previously known that the car VAZ 21043 was moved to Hadiach. It was controlled by  a 36years old resident of Hadiach. The driver made hitting the two cyclists who were moving in the same direction. They were 27 years old man and 28 years old women, resident of Hadiach district. As a result, the woman died because of traumatired in that place, the man was injured and was injured and was taken to the district hospital.

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