м. Гадяч, вул. Гетьманська, 62-б

The main events of the week february 20-24

лікарська спільнота1.Medical community took hard the state in the publication in the last issue titled “People, we have grief in our editoricfl office.” For this reason, the chief physician set a letter to the editor in which he had demanded to publish refutation of spreading non truthful information about doctors , that is untrue, because it humiliates the honor and dignity of doctors.




загинув ато2.February, 16 our country man 22 years old Oleksandr Korniyko was killed near Bakhmut. Two years ago he signed a contract with armed forced of Ukraine. He served in the military chastinin Dnipropetrovsk region. He had received injuries incompatible with life during shelling by militants. He was buried February, 18 in Petrivka-Romenska Hadiach district.





57ed2b1ae89e23. The leaders of Hadiach district will evaluate new strategy for the treatment of solid waste very soon. It is planned to divide the district into seven routes of waste collection and removal from the territories of all settlements. Specifically for the collection and removal of garbage the utility will be created. The village Council will remain to enter into a contract with it and set trash bins in the village. According to preliminary calculations, service garbage removal will cost 10-12 hryvnias per month for the public.


цю4. Some one big family moved to Tsipky.

Their house was completely destroyed by the fire in Popasna. According to the Council of the village, this family is most in need of our help. They moved here with six children and several bags in their hands. The house was currently provided them, but, unfortunately, they have not most of necessary. There fore, the concerned to help. They need clothes, linens, dishes, furniture, blankets, cleaning supplies, food. Also they need different building materials for home renovation. Phone number of Tsipky village counsil is 5-74-37



фотофакт5. The “social shelves” with free products have been established in Hadiach shops recently. Now every hadiachanyn can put any of your purchased in the store products. Also everyone, who needs it can take something from the shelf.





до бабиного расказа6. “Washing powder is mixed with salt”

The stutement was brought to us by hadichanka Maria Andriivka, she told us the story: “I watched one popular programme on TV. There was shown as a blind man was closed in the apartment and he was forced to pack washing powder and also he stirred it with salt.

They do it for deceiving people and to iccrease the weight of washing powder!

I went into the bathroom, stuck my finger into a pack of imported washing powder and tasted. It was salty! The next day I went to the store and bought Ukrainian one, may be our didn’t  deceive. I opened the packet right in the store and tried: the same thing! We pay much money but what we buy?

Subsequently I bought another powder, also tried. It was no…”

In general at least of 30-40% of goods are freely available falsified, that is, they have deviations from the standarts. First of all, it is spoken about baby food and toys, dairy and meat products.

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