м. Гадяч, вул. Гетьманська, 62-б

ще американціHadiach pupils enjoyed live interaction with foreigners, applied their knowledge and talents in different games, competitions, theater acting, and altogether had a really great experience. These unusual activities took place at the children’s camp “Horizon” during the first three weeks term.  The camp children had guests, a group of teachers from the United States of America. We surely would not have wanted to miss this event so we went to the camp to meet American guests.

міжнародна комсіяOn March,14 professionals of Network Associations of Local Authorities of South-Easten Europe (NALAS) and the Regional Network of assistance to business authority (Regional Network for Business Friendly Certification) came to Hadiach with official visit. During the day foreign guests, who, by the way, among some districts of Poltava have chosen ours, visited the city Council and district administration.

DSC 54441. March 7, in the parked in front of the building of the local Prosecutor's office was formed the abyss . Fortunately, neither people nor parked cars were injured, and a hole in the pavement, for safety,was pointed with a glacey. According to historian Mykhola Torianyk,s words, this is most likely the ancient underground tunnels that from time to time remind of their existence. It turns out that 30 years ago at the same place was installed the transformer box, which was similar to the current abyss and went under the ground. In those years, Mythola Fedorovych, had investigated. The underground tunnel had been made with clay, height from 1.90 to three m. in some places was filled up. In the place where earth from time to time sags, the strokes intersect. One of them leads to the center of the city, the other leads to the direction of the city Council ,the third one is parallel to stone street. Work on the restoration and preservation of the underground tunnels in Hadyach was been going for a very long time. And if to undertake their restoration, they could become a tourist feature of the city.

Музей конкурс1.February, 25 marked 146 years of the birth of the great Ukrainian poetess, of our compatriot Lesia Ukrainka. In the history of literature she came primarily as a poetess of courage and struggle for the freedom of Ukraine. She became the ornament and pride of the Ukrainian nation, one of the founders of modern Ukrainian literature and occupied an important place in the world literature. This remarkable date was celebrated February, 23. A literary hour for students of College of Culture and Arts named after I.P. Kotlarevskiy was held in Hadiach Historical Museum. The topic of this event was “Unfair-Tender love”. On February, 25 a creative meeting of the members of Poltava regional organization of the Union of Ukrainian women “Volynianochka” was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the women’s movement in Ukraine. A poetry reciting contest of poetry and prose by Lesia Ukrainka was held in continuation of the events dedicated to the anniversary of the poetess too.

лікарська спільнота1.Medical community took hard the state in the publication in the last issue titled “People, we have grief in our editoricfl office.” For this reason, the chief physician set a letter to the editor in which he had demanded to publish refutation of spreading non truthful information about doctors , that is untrue, because it humiliates the honor and dignity of doctors.

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